Developing Sustainable Safety Culture in the Workplace

March 28, 2019

Although laws, regulations, training programs, and improvements in PPE have made the workplace less dangerous since the 1940s, according to an article in the Daily Commercial News written by the CEO of eCompliance, training programs have stalled since the 1990s.

According to the article, 40 random companies were selected from various industries, 28 percent from construction, to better understand safety behaviors. eCompliance discovered that organizations with high safety culture participation reduced injuries by 71 percent, and incidents by 84 percent. Companies in the bottom quartile (less safety culture) reduced injuries by 20 percent, and incidents by 40 percent.

The research also showed the highest performers had their front-line employees performing an average of four safety activities a week, or nearly one activity per day.

eCompliance then conducted one-on-one interviews with the top quartile to see what they had in common. They found these five points:

  1. The CEO makes a commitment to safety beyond their mission/vision statement.

  2. The CEO appoints someone to drive new safety efforts and manage them.

  3. The safety leader gets front-line employees on board with safety practices

  4. Management reacts to their front-line carrying out more safety activities.

  5. The company reaches a high participation of safety, and works to maintain standards.

Source: Daily Commercial News