Hitachi ZX17U-5, ZX26U-5 Excavators

March 6, 2015

According to Hitachi Construction Machinery-Americas, the company has upgraded its compact-class excavator line with models ZX17U-5 and ZX26U-5, which feature, respectively, Tier 4-Final engines rated at 14.5 and 20 horsepower (requiring no after-treatment) and maximum operating weights of 3,790 and 6,110 pounds. Manual wedge-style couplers enable attachment changes, and a standard backfill blade on both models adds versatility, says Hitachi, enabling grading and backfilling chores, while providing extra stability. The ZX17U-5 also features blade-width expansion with redesigned blade extension pins, and the variable-width undercarriage and foldable blade allows navigating tight quarters. Both models feature an independent-swing boom and 360-degree rotation. Pilot-activated hydraulics, side-by-site cooling cores, oil-impregnated bushings, spin-on filters and sight gauges are part of the package.