Hitachi EX-7 Series Excavators

April 25, 2019
The EX2600-7 is part of the Hitachi EX-7 Series of mining excavators

The EX2600-7 and EX5600-7 are part of the EX-7 Series of mining excavators that the company says reduce fuel consumption by up to 10 percent compared to Dash 6 versions. Engine options include Cummins or MTU Tier 4-F engines.

Hydraulic efficiency is also improved in the new series with main pump electric regulators that are no longer controlled by a hydraulic pilot system. The excavators also have boom lower circuit regeneration and a larger hydraulic oil cooler and fan. Cylinder stroke end control enhances lifecycle by using angle sensors to help reduce the cylinder pump flow rate for smoother and slower movement, the company says. Finally, hoses are now in an underslung configuration to decrease hose load, and contamination sensors in each main pump reduce the risk of downtime, it says.

AerialAngle works as a 360-degree vision system that assists operators in noting operating surroundings. A display monitor combines a set of images captured by cameras positioned around the machine.

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