Genie XC Telescopic Boom Lifts

October 20, 2017
the telescopic-boom “Xtra Capacity” models—S-60 XC, S-65 XC, S-80 XC, and S-85—now offer dual-lift capacity

Designed for performing a wider range of heavier-lift tasks on construction and industrial job sites, the telescopic-boom “Xtra Capacity” models—S-60 XC, S-65 XC, S-80 XC, and S-85—now offer dual-lift capacity: 660 pounds unrestricted and 1,000 pounds restricted. XC models also are designed to accommodate up to three people onboard, while still leaving room for tools and job-site materials. The XC models comply with the overload restriction guidelines in the new ANSI A92 and CSA B354 industry standards in North America, as well as European EN280 and Australian AS 1418.10 standards.

Automatic envelope control provides the ability to automatically retract as the booms reach their operating envelope, allowing for simple platform positioning. The models also are equipped with a load-sense cell that continuously checks the weight in the platform and limits the operating envelope to match the load chart, while providing the ability to do zero-load field calibrations.

The S-60 XC, S-65 XC, S-80 XC, and S-85 XC booms also are designed with an expanded working zone resulting from a new chassis tilt sensor, which provides operators access to different ranges of motion based on chassis angle. The system also is designed to automatically cut-out certain lift and drive functions when the tilt activation setting is reached.

The four new XC models also feature the Genie Lift Power generator system, which uses a dedicated hydraulic circuit to power an onboard generator without interfering with lift and drive functions. The Lift Power system is available in three options, 3-kW, 7-kW, and 12-kW configurations. All Genie XC booms, including the four new models, have been updated with a CAN-based control system, which incorporates the Genie SmartLink control system.

The S-60 XC has a working height of 65 feet 9 inches with 50 feet 10 inches of outreach; the S-65 XC has 71 feet 1 inch of working height with 54 feet 2 inches of outreach; the S-80 XC has 86 feet of working height with 68 feet of outreach; and the S-85 XC has 91 feet of working height with 74 feet of outreach.

All four lifts are available with a 74-horsepower Tier 4-F engine. The XC design on these boom lifts also includes a 6-foot dual-entry or an 8-foot tri-entry platform with side-swing gate to make it easy to get people, tools and jobsite materials in and out of the basket.

This new generation of Genie telescopic XC booms retain the productivity features that enhance customers’ ability to get work done quickly, including:

  • Ramped boom control system provides smooth boom functions and control
  • Virtual pivot primary boom aligns the machine’s center of gravity for lower machine weight
    • 22,900 lb (10,387 kg) on the Genie S-60 XC model
    • 24,900 lb (11,294 kg) on the Genie S-65 XC model
    • 36,750 lb (16,670 kg) on the Genie S-80 XC model
    • 39,200 lb (17,781 kg) on the Genie S-85 XC model
  • 4WD and positive traction drive maintains equal power to all drive wheels
  • Fixed-width axles allow faster setup
  • Active oscillating axle enhances traction on rough terrain
  • 360-degree continuous rotation turntable for quick positioning

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