Fuchs MHL320 F Material Handler

July 8, 2016
Fuchs MHL320 F Material Handler

The MHL320 F has an operating weight of 50,485 pounds. The 127.4-horsepower engine is 11-percent more powerful and meets Tier 4-Final standards. Three-stage engine operation allows the operator to adjust rpm to the application to reduce fuel consumption.

New joystick steering improves on-site maneuverability, enhances operator visibility, and increases legroom. A simple touch of the toggle switch located on the right-hand joystick efficiently controls left/right turning of the front axle.

The standard dual solid rubber tire drive system has a 30-degree steering angle for a turning radius of 22.9 feet. A dual-speed transmission allows speeds up to 12.4 mph.

Two separate radiators lower operating temperatures, and single stacked radiator with temperature-controlled fan speed cools both the charge air and engine water. A separate oil cooler with temperature-controlled fan lowers the operating temperature of the hydraulic system. Large vent openings in the metal cowling increase airflow to the engine area, and standard reversing fans for the intercooler-water and oil cooler systems reduce radiator plugging.

The hydraulic system has 76.6 gpm maximum flow and 5.2 psi maximum pressure.

The cab hydraulically elevates to a maximum eye-level operation of 17.4 feet.