Slipformers Grow Versatile and Smooth

Sept. 28, 2010

In a paving market focused on smaller roads and Interstate rehab, technology has focused on improving the versatility and mobility of mid-range concrete slipform pavers.

GOMACO has developed a detachable auger/strike-off unit that telescopes 6 feet to accommodate faster paving-width changes. The auger/strike-off can be detached from the mold, and with the wings on the side plates folded in, a four-track paver still carrying its mold can be transported on one trailer under 12 feet wide.

The HVW (hydraulic variable width) machines from Terex/CMI can telescope in and out to pave wider or narrower slabs. They stretch to as much as 32-foot paving widths.

GOMACO's pivoting track mounts and Guntert & Zimmerman's QUADRA Bolsters squeeze 80,000-pound pavers onto 10-foot-wide trailers. Power Pavers' hydraulic loading legs hoist the 65,000-pound SF-3000 42 inches high so a lowboy trailer can be backed under the machine. All of these developments and more cut setup and transport time in order to extend revenue-generating time.

Meanwhile, exhaust-emissions controls placed on engines advanced the electronic sophistication on concrete pavers, and electronic grade-control technologies have flourished. So these versatile, easy-to-transport machines are also capable of delivering pavements that meet and exceed states' escalating ride-quality standards.

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