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Eye Trax Wireless Ranger Series Camera for Remote-Site Surveillance


Theft Prevention

The wireless Eye Trax Ranger Series Camera is a cellular-based surveillance camera for remote security monitoring of remote sites.

The camera has a lightweight design and is indefinitely powered by a solar panel. It features motion-sensing and night-vision capabilities, and it is controlled by a web-based user interface or mobile phone application. All these features, as well as all the traditional features of a time-lapse video camera, are incorporated into the design. The cameras use the available cellular network in order to transmit pictures, eliminating the need for the infrastructure of a computer, phone line, internet connection, router and power which is required for traditional wireless cameras.

An integrated passive infrared (PIR) sensor measures changes in “thermal activity” in the camera viewing area. The PIR creates an invisible thermal grid in front of the camera viewing area. A human, or a vehicle emits their own heat source that the PIR sensor can see and immediately triggers the motion activated camera to start taking pictures. Events captured by the Ranger Series Camera are time and location stamped, and then they are immediately sent over the secure cellular network to the Eye Trax cloud-based servers which sends out notifications of the event a via text to any mobile phone, as well as emailed to designated addresses. All acquired images are stored on the cloud-based servers for future reference. SMS pictures or email from the Eye Trax Camera can be received 24/7 or set to specific time parameters, such as after operation hours.  

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