Thunder Creek Adds Upfits for Isuzu Chassis

March 25, 2024
Upfits include MTU and SLU models.

Thunder Creek Equipment has added the Class 5 Isuzu NRR truck chassis as available for upfit. Thunder Creek models now available for installation on the chassis include its No Hazmat Fuel & Service Upfit (MTU) and its Service & Lube Truck Upfit (SLU).

The Isuzu NRR truck chassis has a GVWR of 19,500 pounds. According to Thunder Creek, use of an upfit platform increases the ability of the service truck to access compact/crowded sites, reduces disturbance and ground pressure, and enables the delivery to each site without requiring a Hazmat endorsement or a CDL.

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“The addition of the Isuzu NRR truck chassis to the Thunder Creek family of upfits is engineered to meet customer demand around this very popular commercial truck platform, and to further improve maneuverability and visibility—both on- and off-road,” said Seth Schreur, VP of engineering, Thunder Creek, in a statement. “The success of these truck upfits is built on the ability to deliver fluids to job sites and customers in a truck that costs significantly less to own and operate than larger, higher-volume trucks. The Isuzu NRR chassis does that and more with best-in-class maneuverability, a heavy-duty six-speed automatic transmission, and the proven performance of a turbocharged Isuzu diesel engine.”

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The No Hazmat Fuel & Service Upfit (MTU) features a total capacity of 920 gallons of diesel (eight 15-gallon tanks) along with options for DEF, grease, and power systems. The Service & Lube Truck Upfit (SLU) features 690 gallons of service fluids configured in 25-, 55- and 115-gallon tanks and can include fresh oil, reclaimed oil, coolant, reclaimed coolant, and diesel.

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