Volvo expands fluid analysis beyond oil

Sept. 14, 2023
Fluid Analysis includes fuel, lubricants, and DEF.

Volvo Construction Equipment’s Fluid Analysis program integrates artificial intelligence (AI) into the program, accelerating the testing process. The program analyzes not only engine oil, but also lubricants, diesel fuels, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and coolants.

According to Volvo, AI gives lab technicians time to focus on analyzing abnormal or critical samples.

“The importance of fluid analysis cannot be overstated, given that early identification of these subtle patterns and anomalies can prevent costly equipment failures, minimize downtime and extend the machine’s lifespan,” said Edward Goodchild, head of repair and maintenance, in a statement.

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Volvo has partnered with an “industry-leading testing provide” to increase the number of testing labs to 20 global locations (four in North America). This will allow all dealers and customers who take advantage of the program to benefit from worldwide data, reducing lead time and simplifying the sampling and analysis process.

Once a fluid sample is taken from a machine, the dealer sends it to a lab where it is analyzed and diagnosed based on any trace elements found. A report with recommended actions is then shared on the Fluid Analysis portal and CHAIN. This cloud-based platform features a user-friendly interface that presents reports in a highly visual and easy-to-analyze format.

“With routine fluid analysis and historical data, AI algorithms can identify trends, patterns and correlations that can reduce downtime by up to 15%,” said Goodchild. “This program will make it much easier for customers to reduce downtime, optimize costs and improve operational efficiency.”

Source: Volvo CE

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