Renewable Lubricants Bio-High Temp 180 EP Grease

April 6, 2023
Bio-High Temp 180 EP Grease for industrial applications

Renewable Lubricants Bio-High Temp 180 EP Grease is suited for use in various industrial and commercial applications.

This multipurpose lithium complex grease withstands high temperatures, heavy loading, and is ultimately biodegradable, for automotive, industrial, and agricultural wheel bearings where disc brakes generate high heat, as well as conveyor rollers, bearings, electric motors, pumps, and more. With no heavy metals or other harmful or environmentally undesirable additives such as chlorine, barium, or lead, the product is a sustainable alternative. It meets or exceeds the performance requirements of ASTM D-4950 (BLGI GC/LB) and has superior high temperature properties and good cold temperature mobility, the company says.