Motul Tekma Lubricants

Jan. 7, 2022

The Motul Tekma line of heavy-duty lubricants for diesel engines includes Ultima+ 10W-40, which is a 100-percent synthetic diesel engine lubricant for the latest generations of turbodiesel engines with DPF systems.

Futura+ 10W-30 is a low-SAPS Technosynthese diesel engine oil designed for the latest generation of trucks, buses, construction machinery, farm machinery, stationary engines, and boat engines running with low-sulfur fuel (≤ 50 ppm). Mega+ 15W-40 is a mineral diesel engine lubricant designed for engines running with low-sulfur fuel (≤ 50 ppm). It features excellent resistance to shearing to keep oil viscosity consistent and provide extended drain interval capability while maintaining engine longevity, the company says, and is an option for use as a universal oil for fleets consisting of both new and older generation diesel engines.