Fuel Ox Releases Infinity Lube Line for Engines, Metals

Sept. 17, 2021

Fuel Ox Infinity Lube is a line of lubricants formulated with a patented technology meant to go beyond lubricity to improve performance and longevity for engines and other metal machinery.

The company says that unlike conventional lubricants, which merely add a temporary film layer and coating to reduce friction and displace water, its products contain HDI-2500, a patented conditioning compound that enables the carbonitriding, or case hardening, of metal friction points in machinery.

As temperatures increase, the carbonitriding process diffuses carbon and nitrogen into metal to create a smooth, super-hard protective alloy layer of up to 15 microns (0.015 mm). This surface area conditioning reduces friction, lowers operating temperatures, and substantially decreases wear and tear of vital machine components, according to Fuel Ox.

The product lineup includes Liquid Friction Eliminator, SG Super Grease, and Penetrating Lubricant Spray.

The Liquid Friction Eliminator is a premium, bio-based liquid lubricant that is compatible with conventional and synthetic engine oils, gear oils, and all hydraulics. Based on the company’s field testing, adding two ounces of Friction Eliminator per quart of oil to the equipment oil reservoir can triple the length of time or mileage between oil changes.

The SG Super Grease can be used in virtually any automotive, heavy equipment, marine, and industrial applications. Designed for chassis fittings, bucket pins, springs, water pumps, bearings and any general lubrication, it can also be used in automatic dispensing systems and wet/underwater environments. Recent tribology lab testing (ASTM-D4170) conducted by Falex showed it reduces wear as much as 700 percent versus leading competitive grease lubricants.

Fuel Ox’s Infinity Lube Penetrating Lubricant Spray is a premium penetrating non-aerosol spray lubricant, cleaner, and degreaser made with plant-based essential oils, and it can be sprayed on any point of friction to reduce wear and tear and loosen rusted, stuck, or frozen metal parts.

Infinity Lube says its products are non-toxic and were developed and tested in various industrial applications over more than 20 years prior to their commercial launch.