High-performance Hydraulic Fluids

April 21, 2016

The latest Tier 4 equipment is running hotter, and hydraulic pumps and systems are also feeling the heat.

Petro-Canada Lubricants has reformulated its Hydrex line of hydraulic fluids to increase wear protection and energy efficiencies, extend oil life, and perform in wide temperature ranges.

The company says it engineers the oils on a foundation of its ultra-pure, high- Viscosity-Index base oils. By using API Group II and III base oils exclusively, Hydrex can retain its protective properties for up to 10,000 hours. The oxidation and thermal stability of each formulation work to lower sludge formation, and all of this helps to keep system components free of varnish, prevent product degradation and extend drain intervals, according to Petro-Canada.

“These features not only protect equipment and maximize performance, but they also benefit the bottom line,” says Robert Farthing, Lubricants category manager for Suncor, Petro-Canada’s parent. “Operations should expect more from their hydraulic fluid. Though it may seem like one small spend as part of the overall operations budget, choosing the right hydraulic fluid can dramatically increase overall productivity and reduce operating costs.”

The company’s field trials have demonstrated 5-percent fuel savings in mobile equipment when compared against monograde hydraulic fluids. Performance trials also demonstrated a 6-percent increase in productivity.

The Hydrex line of hydraulic fluids includes Hydrex XV, an all-season, semi-synthetic hydraulic fluid for use in heavy-duty hydraulic systems; Hydrex MV, for applications operating at high pressures and exposed to wide temperature ranges; and Hydrex AW, an anti-wear hydraulic fluid designed for use in industry segments with limited temperature variations.

This promotional video includes a case study.