Emissions Uncertainly Reigns

Sept. 28, 2010

We welcome your comments.

We welcome your comments.

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After we published our first installment of Running Green last year, the correspondence began. Readers recognize their world is aboutto change, and they are facing anxiety and uncertainty.

In fairness, the tone isn't entirely bleak. Some fleet managers have begun to modernize their fleets and improve overall emissions. As we've said, environmental stewardship is a noble and right goal; no one is arguing against clean air. Some fleets have anticipated where the Environmental Protection Agency and others were heading, and they've determined the financial burden of attaining emissions management needs to be spread out over time.

But such is not the norm. Most fleet managers are realizing they now have a new area of management over which they need to gain mastery.

One area of technology that fleet managers will need to master is aftertreatment devices. New on-highway trucks have been re-engineered to accommodate such aftertreatment devices. Off-road machines will face similar challenges in 2010.

But retrofitting aftertreatment devices is alsoan option for reducing emissions in existing machines. As senior editor Walt Moore researched these devices for his article in this month's issue, it became clear there is much to understand. His primer on aftertreatment begins on page 32.

Those involved in this emerging endeavor of reducing overall fleet emissions, both on the supply and user side, acknowledge that no one-size-fits-all solutions exist. Each fleet, to some extent, will need to address emissions management individually. Each fleet will need to evaluate if and how aftertreatment will be implemented; each fleet will need to determine how and when to integrate new machines into their mix. The uncertainty will probably build some more before an equipment manager determines the best solutions for his or her fleet.

We at Construction Equipment intend to provide as much information as possible to enable equipment managers to make the best decisions. We produced a webinar in partnership with the Association of Equipment Management Professionals that addresses emissions management. If you weren't able to view it live earlier this month, it is archived for on-demand viewing. We encourage you to investigate.

We also welcome your continued conversation with this magazine. Let us know the challenges and the successes your fleet is experiencing in regards to emissions management.