Premier Attachments Duo-Tach mounting bracket

Jan. 27, 2023
Premier Attachments mounting brackets can be used with mini skid steer and universal skid steer attachments.

Premier Attachments has a series of attachments with mounting brackets that allow for the two most common skid steer attachment styles, mini-skid steer and universal skid steer, to be utilized on a single attachment.

The Duo-Tach mounting bracket for full-sized skid steers, utilizing the universal skid steer mounting style, and mini-skid steers, using the common industry standard mini-skid mounting style, share the same basic structure built into one Duo-Tach attachment. This allows the owner to utilize one attachment for both mini-skid steers and full-size skid steers on any given job site at any given time. The best part of this product, the company says, is the reduction in the size of the attachment fleet due to the Duo-Tach mounting bracket being able to be used across all platforms of host machines. There is no adapter, no conversion plate, and not a single tool is required to switch from one style of mount to the other. Just un-hook from the mini-skid steer and up to a full-size skid steer to go to work.