Werk-Brau mouth box-style grapple

Aug. 7, 2023
Grapple mounts to 12 to 16 ton excavators

Werk-Brau's wide mouth box-style grapple attachment is for handling objects of varied sizes such as brush, rocks, and demolition debris. The grapple mounts to 12 to 16 ton excavators

Designed to the same curl/dump angle as standard digging bucket maintains the OEM specifications for the machine, making it easier for the operator. The jaw openings range from 86 to 155 inches. 

All critical or high wear components are constructed with T-1 steel. Ribbed internal gusseting or reinforcements strengthen the main body of the grapple.

Wear-resistant high strength steel throughout the weldment, and hardened, greaseable bushings utilized at all pivot points ensure a long service life in harsh conditions, according to the company.