Werk-Brau tilting bucket

May 8, 2023
Increases control and articulation

The Werk-Brau Tilting Bucket features increased tilt force and 45 degrees of tilt in both directions for maximum control and articulation in ditching, grading, and sloping applications.

It is designed to eliminate machine repositioning, which can boost productivity while reducing wear on the tracks and undercarriage. An enhanced, oversized cylinder design increases tilting force, allowing the unit to better hold the desired angle. Integrated cylinder guards protect the cylinders and keep them functioning without damage or leaks. For compact excavators, a single cylinder design is used, while full-size excavators utilize dual cylinders. The bucket is built to last with high-quality T-1 steel utilized in all critical or high wear components, and with a rigid top section to eliminate flexing. Heavy-duty horizontal wear straps protect the bucket bottom. Each bucket is engineered with tapered side plates and a dual taper radius that reduce wear and make dumping easier.