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eDaily: Cummins' Tier-4 Heavy-Duty Engine

March 12, 2008

Cummins is moving beyond powerplant production to offer a fully-integrated air-intake-to-exhaust aftertreatment system on its heavy-duty QSX engine that will meet Tier 4 interim off-highway emissions requirements effective January, 2011. Incorporating the XPI high-pressure common-rail fuel system, the Tier-4 QSX engine will increase displacement to 16 liters and output to 650 horsepower. According to Cummins, the particulate filter exhaust aftertreatment will reduce particulate matter emissions by 90 percent, and the cooled exhaust gas recirculation technology will cut oxides of nitrogen by 45 percent.

other Cummins Engine Co., Inc. products

Cummins says its four-cylinder QSB3.3 and QSB4.5 engines (75- to 160-horsepower) will meet EPA Tier 4 Interim emissions restrictions in 2012 with fuel efficiency improvements up to 5 percent.

Cummins Filtration introduces Fleetguard ES Compleat Glycerin, a heavy duty engine coolant that substitutes glycerin for ethylene glycol (EG) or propylene glycol (PG). Glycerin is derived from renewable sources, the primary byproduct of manufacturing biodiesel.

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