Uptake, Symboticware Partner for Mining AI

Oct. 21, 2019

Uptake and Symboticware will provide mining companies with an end-to-end, integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and data science solution for mining equipment.

The partnership combines Symboticware’s SymBot device that provides data captured from mobile mining equipment, such as haul trucks, with Uptake’s Asset IO asset performance management software that applies AI for predictive insights.

According to Uptake, putting the two systems to work together will enable fleet managers to reduce operating costs based on data analytics. It says an “average medium-sized mining fleet” could save $2.5 million on haul-truck maintenance, fuel, and tire costs. The system also provides benchmarking for fleet asset management and planning.

The system collects data from sensors, can store time-stamped values in an internal database, and can “seamlessly” transmit data for AI analysis, according to the company.

“Optimal machine health and performance are critical to getting the most out of investments in equipment, and to achieving a high return on capital employed,” said Ash Agarwal, Director of Mining, in a prepared statement. “Performing regular maintenance on haul trucks can be labor- and time-intensive, with the added cost of unplanned downtime having a significant impact on throughput and operating expenses. This integrated solution provides the best of industrial IoT and AI to reduce downtime, minimize operating expenses and aid in the development of a comprehensive maintenance program.”

Kirk Petroski, president/CEO, for Symboticware, said in a statement:

“Industrial data is only as good as the insights that can be gleaned from it. This solution delivers predictive insights that are both accurate and actionable, providing users with sufficient lead time into maintenance issues so they can be ahead of the curve. That ability to proactively mitigate maintenance problems yields a proven, measurable increase in productivity.”

Source: Uptake