Loftness 24SG Stump Ax Stump Grinder

April 17, 2024
Attachment is compatible with low-flow skid steers and excavators.

The Loftness 24SG Stump Ax is a stump grinder attachment compatible with skid steers and excavators with flow ranging from 17 to 35.9 gpm and hydraulic horsepower from 30 to 80.

Equipped with a 24-inch cutting wheel, the attachment is powered by a 110 cc high-torque radial piston motor. The Phantom Wheel features cutouts, which create a see-through effect during operation, and Tomahawk teeth.

Similar to the original Stump Ax for higher flow power units, the 24SG has a rigid mount, allowing operators to work quickly by simply repositioning the power unit, rather than articulating the attachment itself. It also has an angled hitch and forward-reaching boom to provide visibility and control.