Komatsu PC490HRD-11 Excavator

March 7, 2024
The extended-high-reach configuration carries a 5,512-pound attachment.

Model PC490HRD-11 Komatsu excavator is a 362-horsepower, high-reach demolition unit. Operating weight ranges from 121,695 pounds to 167,176 pounds.

The demolition excavator has a K100 quick-boom-change system that allows it to use various demolition applications: extended high-reach, high-reach, and medium-reach. Maximum height, measured to the pin at arm end, is 104 feet 3 inches. Maximum forward reach with the maximum tool weight is 56 feet 6 inches.

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Maximum attachment weight in extended high-reach applications is 5,512 pounds. For high-reach applications, attachments can weigh up to 7,385 pounds; for medium-reach applications, maximum tool weight is 11,023 pounds.

The high-reach arm has a camera that provides a video feed into the working range indicator (WRI). The 360-degree WRI has a side stability pre-alert function. The machine recognizes the working configuration and automatically adjusts its response, according to the company, allowing the operator to work precisely.

The 11-foot-2-inch excavator boom has a maximum dig depth of 22 feet 4 inches, and a maximum dig reach of 39 feet 11 inches in the cranked position. In a straight position, dig depth is 16 feet 8 inches and dig reach is 43 feet 6 inches.

The K100 quick-boom-change system allows the operator to change booms without leaving the cab or relying on outside assistance. All connections—mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical—are automatic. Oversized quick connectors minimize back pressure and oil heating without restricting flow. Hydraulically powered pins mounted inside the main boom structure help reduce the risk of damage during reconfiguration.

Komatsu PC490HRD-11 Excavator Specifiations

  • Operating weight range: 121,695 – 167,176 lb.
  • Power: 362 hp
  • Maximum height: 104’ 3”
  • Maximum forward reach: 56’ 6”
  • Maximum dig depth, straight: 16’ 8”
  • Maximum dig reach, straight: 43’ 6”