Pursuing Wheel Loader Disables Stolen Loader in Georgia

March 27, 2024
Police send a second to chase down a stolen wheel loader.

A stolen Volvo wheel loader was chased down and stopped by a second Volvo wheel loader that police officers sent out in pursuit. Police video captured the chase in Norcross, Georgia.

 As the operator of the stolen loader left the yard, he ignored an officer’s shout to stop. The video records the officer acknowledging that he has “no way to stop this vehicle” as the loader moves out onto the main road.

The video then records an officer asking another operator how fast a loader travels and being told “about 30.” According to a report on Officer.com, another officer sets out in another wheel loader and pursues the stolen machine. 

Video captures the chase, which ends as the pursuing loader executes a pit manuever, then tips over the stolen loader using its bucket.

The suspect was pulled from the loader and arrested.

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