Cummins Tests Diesel Hybrid Mining Truck

March 15, 2024
Smaller engine replaces 2,500 horsepower QSK60.

Cummins and North Hauler Joint Stock Co., Ltd. (NHL), a Chinese rigid frame haul truck manufacturer, are field testing a 2,000-horsepower Cummins diesel hybrid engine.

The Cummins QSK50 replaces a 2,500-horsepower QSK60 in the 220-ton mining truck, which will be deployed by Baogang Group in its Baiyun Iron Mine in China. The test is expected to show that the truck’s total cost of ownership will benefit based on initial cost advantages, fuel efficiency, and extended service life of the engine, according to Cummins.

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Advanced hybrids have the potential to improve fuel efficiency up to 30% dependent on the mine profile and advanced battery technology and controls integration, according to Cummins.

“Our partnership with Cummins spans 40 years, and advancing the hybridization of our equipment is another demonstration of what we can accomplish together for the benefit of miners globally,” said Haiquan Guo, general manager, NHL, in a statement. NHL produces trucks with payloads ranging from 35 to 360 metric tons, with Cummins as the standard engine configuration.

“We are intent on enabling multiple pathways to carbon neutrality for industrial markets, including both first-fit and retrofit solutions,” said Molly Puga, Cummins Power Systems executive director of strategy, digital, and product planning. “It’s partnerships with our customers like NHL and Baiyun Iron Mine that will accelerate product availability in the market and make both near- and long-term carbon reduction goals attainable.”

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