Develon DX17Z-7 Excavator

June 7, 2024
Mini excavator digs to 7 feet 3 inches.

The 16-horsepower DX17Z-7 excavator is the smallest in it lineup, with an operating weight of 4,211 pounds. The Develon mini excavator can dig to 7 feet 3 inches with its standard 0.05-cubic-yard bucket.

Its retractable undercarriage features a 48-inch-wide rubber track that is controlled via an electric switch on the control panel. The fully retracted undercarriage allows the excavator to enter narrow spaces.

The undercarriage design helps protect against wear and tear of all retractable parts. 

When fully expanded, the undercarriage provides optimum stability, especially when working over the side. A collapsible dozer blade can be retracted or expanded to grade, level, and backfill. Blade float allows the blade to follow the contours of the ground without operator input.

The machine’s zero tail swing design allows for navigation in urban areas and around confined worksites or obstacles.

The mini excavator has an open canopy cab. A selectable control pattern switch gives operators the ability to change between ISO and “backhoe” patterns. The change valve is located beneath the floor cover and is accessible without the need for tools.

Auxiliary hydraulics are configured with flush face couplers to make quick, easy hose connections, and a hydraulic quick-coupler-ready design has quick-coupler hydraulic piping installed to the end of the arm. The DX17Z-7 is thumb-ready to grab and lift objects.

Standard cylinder guards protect the machine’s cylinders, and onboard diagnostics enable proactive maintenance management.

Develon DX17X-7 Excavator Specifications

  • Max dig depth: 7’ 3”
  • Operating weight: 4,211 lb.
  • Power: 16 hp @ 2,400 rpm
  • Standard bucket: 0.05 cu. yd.