Develon redesigns DX62R-7, DX63-7 mini excavators

Sept. 19, 2023
Develon mini excavators weight 13,000 pounds and dig to 12 feet 5 inches.

Models DX62R-7 and DX63-7 Develon mini excavators have operating weights of 13,704 and 13,708 pounds, respectively, and are powered by a 57.5-horsepower Develon D24 engine.

The Develon DX62R-7 is designed with a reduced tail swing that extends a few inches beyond the width of the excavator tracks, minimizing the chances of encountering objects or buildings when rotating the machine. The DX63-7 has a conventional tail swing. Both are available in standard or optional long arm configurations.

Both models share standard specifications: maximum dig depth of 12 feet 5 inches and maximum loading height of 13 feet 3 inches. Maximum reach varies slightly: 20 feet 3 inches for the DX62R-7 and 19 feet 8 inches for the DX63-7.

The redesigned excavators have a width-protected swing frame with the casting and cylinders within the track width at full left-swing, making it less likely that operators will damage these components when working in tight or confined areas.

When turning, grading, and maneuvering, the Develon mini excavators will auto downshift, so they won’t bog down when traveling. As the load decreases, the excavators automatically shift back into high range.

A thumb-ready arm includes durable mounts integrated into the arm, eliminating the need for welding when adding a thumb. The arm includes quick-coupler hydraulic piping for easy attachment changes. The excavators have 1-way/2-way hydraulic flow, activated through the joystick.

Cabs have been updated with a fully integrated heating and air conditioning system with multiple vents. A thumb switch on the right joystick controls auxiliary hydraulic functions, making fine adjustments effortless and improving operator efficiency and comfort throughout the day. Boom swing is controlled by a thumb switch on the left joystick.

A framed, full glass door provides visibility to the area alongside the excavator. A rearview camera is available as an option.

Develon Fleet Management telematics system is standard.

Develon DX62R-7 Excavator Specs

  • Operating weight: 13,704 lb.
  • Power: 57.5 hp @ 2300 rpm
  • Maximum digging depth: 12 ft. 5 in.
  • Maximum digging reach (ground): 20 ft. 3 in.
  • Maximum loading height: 13 ft. 3 in.

Develon DX63-7 Excavator Specs

  • Operating weight: 13,708 lb.
  • Power: 57.5 hp @ 2300 rpm
  • Maximum digging depth: 12 ft. 5 in.
  • Maximum digging reach (ground): 19 ft. 8 in.
  • Maximum loading height: 13 ft. 3 in.