Hitachi updates Zaxis-5N excavators

May 8, 2023
Line ranges from 1.7 to 6 metric tons

Zaxis-5N Hitachi excavators have been upgraded. The compact Zaxis-5N excavator line ranges from 1.7 to 6 metric tons. The lineup includes short-tail-swing (designated with “U”) as well as ultra-short-tail-swing models (designated with “USB”).

Standard auxiliary hydraulic lines have been pre-plumbed to the end of the boom on the ZX17U-5N and to the middle of the arm on the ZX26U-5N to ZX60USB-5N. A wedgelock quick coupler is standard, and factory-installed bracket for a thumb cylinder simplifies thumb installation.

Models ZX30U-5N and ZX35U-5N Hitachi excavators now have an auxiliary flow rate change switch for additional attachment flexibility. The operator can match the flow rate of the auxiliary hydraulic circuit to the requirements of the attachment being used with either a low or high setting.

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A dozer blade is standard on the series, and an angle blade is an option of the Hitachi ZX35U-5N, ZX50U-5N, and ZX60USB-5N excavators.

Hitachi Zaxis-5N engine

All Hitachi 5N series compact excavators are powered by Yanmar diesel engines. The ZX30U-5N to ZX60USB-5N have power/economy work modes. The power mode provides higher engine speeds for most general digging work, and the economy mode reduces engine speed for lighter digging jobs. This results in lower noise and decreased fuel consumption. An auto-idling system is also available on the ZX30U-5N to ZX60USB-5N.

Ergonomic hydraulic pilot valve control levers reduce fatigue and provide smooth control. Full hydraulic pilot controls for the bucket/thumb and other attachments, boom, swing, travel, and blade maximize controllability. Swing boom and foldable travel pedals are positioned for easy operation while allowing plenty of foot room. Cabs have wide entryways, and an updated 3-inch seatbelt provides additional comfort for operators.

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A hinged door provides wide-open access to the side-by-side oil cooler and radiator core. The engine cover slides vertically with less rear projection for ease of maintenance in confined spaces. Routine checks, such as engine oil level, are quickly accomplished from ground level. Daily maintenance points are grouped behind easy-access covers. Spin-on filters provide quick, easy access for filter maintenance. Ground-level at-a-glance gauges ease daily inspection and servicing.

The top of the track frame on models ZX30U-5N to ZX60USB-5N has been sloped for easy mud removal. Grease-impregnated HN bushings and pins provide 500-hour lubricating intervals.