Develon DX1000LC-7 excavator

May 1, 2023
629-horsepower unit digs to 28 feet 10 inches

The 100-ton DX1000LC-7 Develon excavator is a 629-horsepower unit that digs to 28 feet 10 inches.

Targeted toward aggregate and large earthmoving applications, the Develon DX1000LC-7 excavator has a crossed-design swing bearing to distribute stress and reinforced wear points. A heavy-duty front design has reinforcement on key stress points.

Swing priority mode increases the swing speed, and when turned off, the boom up function is prioritized. Boom priority is ideal in harsh conditions, such as digging over the front or dumping over the side of the machine. Swing priority works best in normal or light-duty digging situations.

The excavator’s D-Ecopower hydraulic system precisely controls oil flow and optimizes the engine’s available horsepower to boost productivity and reduce fuel consumption.

The Develon DX1000LC-7 cab contains an 8-inch touch screen LCD monitor that is 30 percent larger than previous models. Foot pedals are newly designed, and the cab has heated seats.

Operators can configure the shortcut button on the joystick to their liking so they can adjust the wipers, mute the audio, or control the camera. The button can also be used to activate the optional intelligent floating boom feature.

The optional 360-degree all-around view monitoring (AVM) camera system displays a full view of the machine’s surroundings. Five visual perspectives can be seen from the separate AVM monitor: top view, rear view, top+right view, rear+corner view, and 3D view.

Develon DX1000LC-7 excavator options

  • A hydraulic removable counterweight
  • An auto-lube system
  • Two-way auxiliary hydraulic flow
  • Cab guarding
  • Additional work lamps
  • Rotating beacon
  • Straight travel

The DX1000LC-7 comes with unlimited access to the Develon Fleet Management telematics system. 

Develon DX1000LC-7 Excavator Specs

  • Operating weight: 220,903 lb.
  • Maximum digging depth: 28’ 10’
  • Power: 629 hp
  • Bucket breakout force: 88,185 lb.-ft.
  • Arm breakout force: 78,850 lb.-ft.
  • Maximum digging reach: 45’ 11”
  • Bucket capacity: 7 cu. yd.

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