Hitachi ZX 190LC-7 excavator

April 6, 2023
Model fills gap in lineup

Model ZX190LC-7 Hitachi excavator has an operating weight of 43,652 pounds, a maximum dig depth of 23 feet 2 inches, and bucket breakout force of 28,551 pounds. It fills the gap between the company’s 29,463-pound ZX160LC-7 and the 49,833-pound Hitachi ZX210LC-7.

Equipped with the HIOS IV hydraulic system, the excavator delivers fuel efficiency by minimizing hydraulic loss while optimizing performance. The system produces a maximum flow rating of 100 gpm, and attachment, arm, and swing priority can be adjusted on the monitor to match the attachment or the operator’s preference.

The 132-horsepower Yanmar engine delivers economy, power, and high-power modes, and an auto idle system with auto shutdown control prevents wasted fuel.

The cab includes a one-touch dual adjustable seat and console, and low-effort pilot controls feature switches collectively installed on the right side. Four fluid-filled elastic mounts reduce vibration when traveling.

Wide-open engine covers provide access for maintenance, and filters are within easy reach. A spin-on type fuel filter prevents dust from entering the fuel circuit during maintenance. An inner element of the engine air filter protects the engine from dust ingress while cleaning the outer element.

The multifunctional monitor indicates preset maintenance intervals each time the key is turned on. Engine oil and coolant levels can be conveniently checked right from the operator’s seat.

Hitachi ZX190LC-7 Excavator Specifications

  • Operating weight: 43,652 lb.
  • Max dig depth: 23 ft. 2 in.
  • Bucket breakout force: 28,551 lb.
  • Power: 132 hp