Volvo EC500 Excavator

March 8, 2024
EC500 has a straight boom option for demolition applications.

The Volvo EC500 excavator features a new and improved operator interface and cabin design.

It is fitted with Volvo Smart View with Obstacle Detection, providing operators with an enhanced real-time view of their surroundings and automatic alerts should obstacles be detected.

A successor to the Volvo EC480E, the EC500 is a 50-ton crawler excavator for applications ranging from building and construction, road construction, utilities, and quarrying and aggregates to agriculture and landscaping. It matches with the Volvo A25G to A35G haulers.

Volvo EC500 Straight Boom

The EC500 Straight Boom excavator is purpose built for demolition applications. The 25-5-foot straight boom provides 30% higher pin height over the standard boom. The boom has heavy-duty features for durability during demolition applications, and a demolition-specific cab. The removable counterweight is 6,610 pounds heavier than on the EC500 excavator. 

Volvo says this next generation of excavator is also set up to access a range of machine options to help operators complete their tasks faster, more easily and more safely, as well as boost their performance and productivity. These include the operator coaching app, Volvo Dig Assist-a suite of tools designed to help deliver excavator accuracy by eliminating the need to manually mark out a site and check depths and grades-and Volvo Lift Assist, all accessed via the Co-Pilot screen in the cab. Volvo Active Control, an automated grading system and part of the Dig Assist suite of tools, will also be available for the first time on an excavator of this size.

Electric joysticks give the operator even more control over the hydraulic system. The hydraulic pumps can be operated together as well as virtually disconnected, allowing the operator to control the boom without affecting track speed, delivering safety benefits and a smoother ride for the operator. This also increases controlability, shortens cycle times and improves fuel efficiency–delivering higher productivity and performance.

Comfort Driver Control allows the operator to move forwards, backwards, and steer with the joysticks. What’s more, each operator can set up their own hydraulic settings based upon their preferences and the application they are working on and save them in Co-Pilot so they can be quickly and easily accessed for future sessions.