Caterpillar 352 straight boom excavator

Feb. 23, 2023
Stick/boom configuration reaches to 42 feet 2 inches

The 352 straight-boom Caterpillar excavator has a stick/boom configuration that reaches vertically to 42 feet 2 inches, and it can carry an attachment weighing up to 13,228 pounds. It has an optional 25,022-pound removable counterweight. It has a 443-horsepower Cat C13B diesel engine.

Designed for demolition, the Cat excavator features reinforced booms, sticks, and frame. Standard Falling Object Guards (FOGS) protect the roof and front reinforced P5A laminated windows from falling debris during demolition and maintain visibility of the job site.

The track frame is sloped to prevent mud and debris accumulation, and sealed track pins and bushings reduce travel noise and help to increase undercarriage life. Full track guiding guard is also standard.

Operator visibility is enhanced with standard rearview and right-hand-sideview cameras. The setup can be upgrades to provide 360-degree visibility. Smaller cab pillars and larger windows also aid visibility around the machine.

Quick coupler plus medium- and high-pressure circuits are standard. Three engine power modes—Smart, Power, and Eco—match engine and hydraulic power to the task at hand.

The Cat 352 straight-boom excavator has remote diagnostics and updating capabilities. Remote Troubleshoot allows the dealer to diagnose fault codes and machine issues remotely without interrupting the production cycle. Remote Flash allows software updates to be pushed out to the machine and installed at a time convenient for the customer.

Grouped together for simplified maintenance, all fuel filters now feature an extended, synchronized 1,000-hour change interval.

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