Kubota KX030-4 excavator

Feb. 3, 2023
Kubota KX030-4 mini excavator has an operating weight of 6,426 pounds and maximum digging depth of 9 feet 7 inches.

The KX030-4 Kubota compact excavator replaces the KX71-3S. Operating weight is 6,426 pounds with cab, maximum digging depth is 9 feet 7 inches, and maximum dumping height is 10 feet 4 inches. The new excavator has 500 pounds more breakout force and 300 pounds more lifting force than its predecessor.

The Kubota diesel engine delivers 24.7 gross horsepower at 2,250 rpm. The auto-downshift feature allows the operator to travel in 2nd speed and make turns without having to manually downshift.

A hydraulic diverter valve located on the dipper arm allows operators to easily switch between attachments with the turn of a wrench. The standard third-line hydraulic return system allows oil to return directly back to the tank without flowing through the control valves resulting in less back-pressure, less heat and greater efficiency. Auxiliary hydraulic flow is 13.1 gpm. The work light is positioned under the boom for better protection and increased visibility.

The operator station entrance is larger than the predecessor with more cabin and foot space. A large, easy-to-read digital operator instrument panel is conveniently positioned in the lower right corner of the operator’s line of sight to monitor current working conditions, engine RPM, temperature, and oil levels. The front glass window opens by flipping the latch and sliding up.

Kubota KX030-4 Excavator Specs

  • Operating weight, with cab: 6,426 lb.
  • Max dig depth: 9 ft. 7 in.
  • Max dump height: 10 ft. 4 in.
  • Power: 24.7 hp @ 2,250 rpm
  • Bucket breakout force: 6,924 lb.
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