Hitachi ZX210LC-6 HP Excavator

May 23, 2022

Model ZX210LC-6 Hitachi excavator has an operating weight of 50,265 pounds and can dig to 21 feet 11 inches. The 163.6-horsepower Isuzu diesel provides maximum torque of 494 lb.-ft. at 1,600 rpm.

The Hitachi-built excavator uses the Trias II hydraulic system, which has three pumps rather than two as in the predecessor unit. The pumps supply an optimal amount of pressurized oil to each actuator. The pumps are controlled electrically for precise oil flow for sensitive front attachment control and lower fuel consumption.

The Zaxis Series 6 excavator has a high-power HP mode that increases engine speed and hydraulic-pump output torque when extra speed and/or heavy-duty work is required. The front attachment moves faster because each actuator has its own pump. The oil flows separately to the bucket, arm, and boom cylinders.

The ZX210LC-6 has an arm recirculation cancellation system for increased speed when rolling the arm in. The system allows pressurized oil in the arm cylinder rod side to flow to the arm cylinder bottom side for increased arm roll-in speed when the load is relatively low. A hydraulic boost system increases arm speed. During arm roll-in and boom-raising operations, excessive pressurized oil in the boom rod flows to the arm cylinder bottom side to achieve speedy arm operation by increased flow. An enhanced boom recirculation system circulates pressurized oil in the bottom of the boom cylinder when lowering the boom, allowing pressurized oil from the pump to be efficiently used by the arm.

A heavy-duty boom is now standard, and the counterweight is 14 percent heavier than the predecessor, which allows the excavator to lift up to 10 percent more.

Hitach ZX210LC-6 cab

The Aerial Angle peripheral vision display camera system allows the operator to select an image to view on the monitor with the flick of a switch. There are three options: surroundings, rear right, and rear right and left. The surround image offers a comprehensive 270-degree view of the machine’s immediate environment.

The cab features a 7-inch multi-function LCD monitor, a fully adjustable suspension seat and integrated console, and improved sound isolation.

Wide-open engine covers provide access for maintenance, and filters are within easy reach and take just minutes to maintain. Engine oil and coolant levels can be checked from within the cab through the LCD monitor.

The durability of the undercarriage has been enhanced with increased crossbeam size and strength. The shape of the lower roller has been changed to prevent mud from entering it and causing damage to the oil seal. The sliding surface of the bearing part that supports the front idler has been significantly enlarged, improving its wear resistance.

Hitachi ZX210LC Specs

  • Operating weight: 50,265 lb.
  • Power: 163.6 hp @ 2,000 rpm
  • Max dig depth: 21 ft. 11 in.
  • Max dig reach: 32 ft. 7 in.
  • Bucket digging force: 35,520 lb.-ft.
  • Max dump height: 232 ft. 7 in.