Caterpillar 304, 305 CR Mini Excavators

Nov. 9, 2021

Models 304 and 305 CR Caterpillar mini excavators have operating weights of 9,867 pounds and 12,688 pounds, respectively. Maximum dig depth for the two Cat excavators is 10 feet 6 inches and 11 feet 3 inches, respectively.

The Cat 304 has a reduced-radius design with a 66.9-inch track width that is 10 inches slimmer than the 304 E2.

The Cat 305 CR has 9 percent more power than its predecessor due to a Cat 45-horsepower C1.7 turbo engine. Hydraulic system improvements provide higher breakout forces—11,061 lb.-ft. for the bucket and 6,362 lb.-ft. with standard stick. It has compact-radius swing with 78-inch track width.

Both Caterpillar excavators have an angle dozer blade option. In addition to offering above- and below-grade travel with standard float function, the angle blade moves 45 degrees left or right of center.

Common to most Cat next generation mini hydraulic excavators, the sealed and pressurized cab enclosure is available with heating and/or air conditioning for all-weather climate control. The cab’s large glass areas plus skylight afford all-around visibility. The large display with advanced touchscreen option provides intuitive machine function control and easy monitoring of critical operating parameters. A canopy option is available in some regions.

Daily maintenance checks for the 304 and 305 CR are made from ground level through side doors. Expanded use of common parts throughout the line plus their damage-resistant exterior construction help to reduce parts inventory investment and lower repair costs, according to the company.

Cat 304 Mini Excavator Specs

  • Weight with cab: 9,867 lb.
  • Power: 45 hp
  • Dig depth: 126.4 inches
  • Tail swing radius: Reduced

Cat 305 CR Mini Excavator Specs

  • Weight with cab: 12,688 lb.
  • Power: 45 hp
  • Dig depth: 134.6 inches
  • Tail swing radius: Compact