Takeuchi TB370 Excavator

Sept. 24, 2020

Model TB370 is the first Takeuchi excavator in its new 300 series lineup of compact excavators. Positioned in the 6- to 7-ton class, the 14,973-pound excavator is powered by a Kubota V2697-CR-TE5B turbocharged diesel. The 56.8 horsepower engine has 157 lb.-ft. of torque and meets T-4F emissions requirements using a diesel oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter.

Its dig depth is 13 feet 4.8 inches with a maximum reach of 21 feet 11.3 inches. Bucket breakout force is 14,613 pounds. The arm has an integrated thumb mount, and the heavy-duty swing boom allows operator to dig offset on the left or right, ideal for confined areas. The Takeuchi excavator has two working modes—standard and eco—that maximize fuel economy and power requirements.

The 300 series operating station has an 8-inch touchscreen multi-function color monitor with integrated air conditioner and radio functions. The automotive-styled interior is completely redesigned and spacious. An intuitive jog dial and switch panel gives the operator complete control of machine functions and features.

A closed-center, three-pump, load-sensing hydraulic system provides more than 31 gpm of auxiliary hydraulic flow. The system has first, second, and third auxiliary circuits. The second circuit is a dedicated to the thumb, and the third is for the Takeuchi hydraulic pin-grabber coupler. Flow rates for the second and third circuits are adjustable from the cab via the monitor panel. The standard boom holding valve that holds the boom in place in the event of a sudden loss in hydraulic pressure.

Standard heavy-duty blade is steel reinforced with box frame design, protected cylinder, and segmented hydraulic lines. The design has been upgraded for better material retention than previous blades. Blade float helps with final finish and grade work.

Triple-flange track rollers are standard to support track life and maintains two points of contact to reduce the possibility of de-tracking. The excavator has three track options: rubber, segmented rubber, and steel predrilled to accept rubber street pads.

Daily service points and filters are accessible under the service hoods, and additional service is enabled by tilting the cab forward.

See Takeuchi's walk-around video below.