Case CX350D LR Excavator

Dec. 10, 2019

The Case CX350D LR long-reach excavator has an elongated boom and arm with additional counterweight for digging in deep or long-distance applications.

The 268-horsepower crawler excavator has an operating weight is 88,200 pounds. Bucket digging force up to 24,500 lb.-ft. is delivered up to a maximum dig radius of 61 feet 3 inches and to a maximum dig depth of 46 feet 3 inches.

The Tier 4-F engine uses selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology for emissions regulation and does not require a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

As part of the D Series, the long-reach excavator has a heated air-ride seat; Bluetooth radio: rear and side-view cameras: Free Swing for improved craning, laying, or lifting of offset loads; oil sample ports: and an easy control pattern selector.

D Series excavators achieve faster cycle times than predecessor models with a new electronically controlled pump, a larger control valve, and multiple advanced sensors. These features combine with the Intelligent Hydraulic System and its four integrated control systems allow faster cycle times and improved fuel efficiency.

The System includes Boom Economy Control (BEC), which reduces rpm and leverages gravity during boom down and swing; Auto Economy Control (AEC), which lowers rpm during idle and automatically shuts down the engine after a preset idle time; Swing Relief Control (SWC), which efficiently regulates hydraulic swing power at the start of the swing; and Spool Stroke Control (SSC), which adjusts hydraulic pressure to optimal outputs and minimizes unneeded operation functions.

The CX350D LR excavator offers three working modes: Speed Priority, Heavy, and Automatic.