JCB 19C-1E Electric Excavator

Sept. 20, 2019

The JCB 19C-1E mini excavator is fully electric and produces the same power as the diesel 19C-1 without the emissions and one-fifth the noice, according to the company.

Operating weight is 4,193 pounds, maximum dig depth is 9 feet 3 inches, and maximum dump height is 9 feet 3 inches.

Three lithium-ion batteries power the excavator with 15 kWh of capacity, enough for a “typical day’s work,” according to the company. An optional four-pack increases capacity to 20 kWh. The 48-volt electric driveline generates up to 27 horsepower.

An onboard charger with 110-volt input allows 12-hour recharging. Eight-hour and 2-hour recharging options are available.

The excavator has load-sensing hydraulics and retractable undercarriage.