Takeuchi TB250-2 Excavator

Jan. 17, 2019

The TB250-2 compact excavator has an operating weight of 10,957 pounds, putting it in the 5-ton category. Maximum dig depth is 12 feet 4.8 inches.

The excavator has a four-pump hydraulic system that allows for multi-function capability. The primary auxiliary circuit delivers 24.2 gpm and is controlled using a proportional slide switch located on the left-hand pilot joystick. Using the multi-function monitor, operators can adjust hydraulic flow rates from the cabin, and multiple presets enhance attachment usage.

The cab has an automotive-styled interior with high-capacity HVAC system. The high back suspension seat features multiple adjustments for height, weight, fore and aft positions, and tilt.

Large hoods open overhead to provide service access, and all grease points are clearly marked and easy to locate down one side of the machine. The fuel fill is located behind a lockable access panel and features a site gauge to simplify refueling.

Takeuchi Fleet Management telematics system (TFM) is standard.