John Deere 135G, 245G LC Excavators

March 14, 2020

The 101-horsepower John Deere 135G excavator and the 159-horsepower 245G LC are reduced-tail-swing excavators with Tier 4-Final diesel engines.

The Powerwise III hydraulic system balances engine performance with hydraulic flow for predictable operation.

Modes include high productivity for more power and faster hydraulic response, power for normal operation, and economy for top speed.

Grouped service points and at-a-glance gauges ease serviceability.

John Deere 135G Excavator Specs

Operating weight: 30,620 lb.

Power: 101 hp

Max dig depth: 18 ft. 4 in.

John Deere 245G LC Excavator Specs

Operating weight: 56,170 lb.

Power: 159 hp

Max dig depth: 21 ft. 8 in.