Mustang 450Z NXT2 Excavator

Feb. 3, 2014

NXT2 upgrades have been applied to the 450 Z zero-tail-swing excavator, including a Yanmar Tier 4 engine that has an electronic throttle. A new ECO mode will reduce the engine speed by 10 percent without sacrificing power, the company says; and auto deceleration mode decreases the engine speed to idle after four seconds without hydraulic movement. The operator controls now include a proportional auxiliary hydraulic rocker switch that allows the operator to adjust the hydraulic flow to attachments. Serviceability improvements include tool-free access via large swing-out doors on the back and right-hand side of the machine. These compartments reveal the entire engine and daily maintenance points: radiator, oil cooler, battery and fuses.

Mustang 450Z NXT2 Excavator Specifications

  • Weight, with canopy: 10,417 pounds
  • Dig depth: 11 feet 7.8 inches
  • Net power: 37.7 horsepower
  • Width: 6 feet  4.4 inches
  • Bucket breakout: 6,497 pounds