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Trailers, Flat-Bed and Platform

Landoll 900D Traveling Tail Trailer with HOSS System, Lighting Package

April 4, 2016
The 900D Traveling Tail trailer is equipped with the “HOSS” hydraulic operating system and a new Grote lighting package, giving the Traveling Tail both increased operational speed...
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Trailers, Low-Bed, Equipment

Landoll 400 Series Traveling Axle Trailers With 20-gpm Hydraulic System

June 8, 2015
The 400 Series Traveling Axle Trailers feature new hydraulic operating systems and a new Grote lighting package for increased visual awareness and driver safety.The 20-gpm hydraulic...
Scrapers, Pull Type

Landoll ICON Ag-13 Pull-Type Scraper

Feb. 17, 2015
AG-13 pull-type scraper is designed for the producer whose needs exceed that of box scraper or carryall, but are below that of an industrial scraper.It has a 13-cubic-yard heaped...
Landoll 835D Trailer
Trailers, Low-Bed, Equipment

Landoll 835D Construction Trailer

Jan. 2, 2013
Landoll Model 835D Construction is a 35-ton-capacity hydraulic detachable non-ground bearing, two-axle trailer. Trailer has a frame rating with 12 feet and is equipped with flip...
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Trailers, Low-Bed, Equipment

Landoll Upper Deck Ramps for Traveling Tail Trailers

Nov. 29, 2012
Landoll 800 Trailers
Trailers, Low-Bed, Equipment

Landoll 800 Series Trailers

June 30, 2011
New 800 Series line of heavy-haul, detachable lowboy trailers from Landoll has two primary models. Model 835 is a 35-ton trailer with two or three axles; the 855 is a 55-ton model...
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Trailers, Low-Bed, Equipment

Landoll 800 Series Lowboy Trailers

April 27, 2011
Landoll 800 series is a new line of heavy-haul detachable lowboy trailers. The 835 is a 35-ton trailer with two or three axles; the 855 is a 55-ton trailers three or four axles...

Landoll Icon Model 821 Scraper

Sept. 28, 2010
Boasting a 21-cubic-yard-heaped capacity and 11-foot-11-inch transport width, Landoll’s Icon Model 821 scraper features rapid eject to improve cycle times. Its 360-degree swivel...
Top 100

Landoll 435, 410 Trailers

Sept. 28, 2010
Landoll Corp.’s Trailer Division increased the capacity of its 435 and 410 model 400 Series Traveling Axle trailers. Model-year 2010 (production beginning in July 2009) 400 Series...

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