Conexpo Education for Equipment Managers

Dec. 22, 2022

Conexpo 2023 offers a wide range of topics of particular interest to equipment managers. Our editors have selected some pertinent sessions, arranged by day, time, and topic.

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Tuesday, March 14

9:30 a.m.

Building High Performance Teams-Creating Magic with Trust

Track: Attract, Engage & Retain Talent

We will discuss high-performance teamwork and how to build and nurture a high-performance team. We will discuss the critical nature of trust in a high-performance team and how to establish and maintain trust, while showing the importance of team culture and organizational culture and its role.

Speakers: Don Swasing, CEM; Richard King CPA, CGMA, CCIFP

Optimizing Fleet & Asset Management with Usage-Based Equipment Financing

Track: Business Best Practices

The value of ownership is shifting as consumer preferences for pay-as-you-go models are bleeding into business behavior. Particularly for businesses with outcome-driven assets, and variability in the use of the asset throughout the year, usage-based models can increase operational efficiencies by better aligning cost and revenue generation and allowing businesses to better track asset effectiveness through Active Asset Management.

Speaker: Matthew Jennings

Extended Warranties. A Waste of Money?

Track: Equipment Management & Maintenance

Do you feel like you live or die by the cost per hour of your equipment? Using every tool in your toolbox to dial in your costs not only sets you apart, it sets your organization up for success. Learn how and if you should leverage the extended warranty as a tool to mitigate the budget impacts of unexpected failures/repairs, provide the best cost per hour, all while maintaining and strengthening relationships with manufacturer and distributors. This session will not be an overview of standard coverages, terms, conditions and the claims process.

Speakers: Janna Eggenschwiler, Jimmy Bynum

Safe Digging Practices Around Infrastructure

Track: Safety & Health

According to the Common Ground Alliance 2020 Dirt Annual Report, preventable utility damage caused an estimated $30 billion in societal costs in 2020. Safety should be the top priority for contractors and crews when working near buried infrastructure. In this best-practices educational section, we will look at ways you can help train your crew when working near underground infrastructure, talk about utility locating solutions to help verify called-in locates, and explore soft-digging methods, including vacuum excavation and core saws for use on hard surfaces.  

Speakers: Jake Jeffords, Sarah Magruder Lyle

10:45 a.m.

Growing A Great Workforce Culture

Track: Attract, Engage & Retain Talent        

This session is built around a few key concepts: Organizational Health trumps everything. Change is happening faster than ever before. Great Communications can be achieved to help align management, grow a great culture, and unite efforts. The presenters all have been involved in these efforts in a variety of workplace scenarios and will share their perspectives about where to start, who should be involved, and how to set achievable goals.

Speakers: Bronwyn Weaver, Patti Gault, Paige Gill, Melissa Brooks

Muddy Boots Leadership

Track: Attract, Engage & Retain Talent        

This will be a motivational and interactive leadership seminar packed with inspiring stories. 

Qualifications of Onsite Personnel for Cranes

Track: Cranes, Rigging & Aerial Lift

The national consensus standard (ASME) has updated the qualifications of onsite personnel for cranes. Additionally, OSHA released a compliance directive regarding the qualifications of operators to the crane rule it established in 2018. A comprehensive road map will be provided to ensure compliance with the law and the latest industry standards.

Speaker: Thomas Sicklesteel

The Future of Asset Management & Liquidation: New Strategies for Maximizing Returns

Track: Earthmoving & Site Development     

Utilizing result-driven resources from procurement through liquidation will save both time and money. The combination of accurate, real-time asset valuation with the option to sell equipment at any point in the lifecycle opens up new pathways to profit. Several industry case studies will be shared showing how to use available information successfully.

Speakers: LICA

Data Driven Fleet Management Lessons Learned

Track: Equipment Management & Maintenance      

We’ll share proven practices and lessons learned while improving systems, processes, and action oriented analytics to improve the management of your fleet and operations. Decision making is made up of two things: experience and good data. The more you have of both, the better your outcomes.

Speakers: Stokely Price CPA, Bob Tinglestad

1:00 p.m.

Using Automatic Grade & Slope Controls

Track: Asphalt

The goal of this session is to allow paving crews to feel comfortable setting up and using automatic grade & slope systems over a range of applications from joint-matching, super-elevations, tie-ins and smoothness.

Speaker: Todd Mansell

Renting vs Buying Equipment - Benefits of a Data Driven Approach

Track: Earthmoving & Site Development     

This session will provide contractors with an overview of the new technologies enabling a data-driven approach to analyzing the costs of renting vs. buying equipment. It will compare the benefits and drawbacks of both renting and buying, and will provide insights into identifying the best strategy for making either option as cost-effective as possible. The session will also explore how equipment valuation and other data can help determine the most profitable solution for each job, equipment costs in monthly increments, and other key information.

Speaker: Jimmy Bynum

Electrifying the Future: Get Plugged In

Track: Emerging Technology, Technology Solutions, Sustainability          

The demand for electric machines and sustainable practices is hitting the construction industry. Advancements in technology and manufacturing make this a reality for many companies and construction projects, and good for business. All-electric and electric/hydraulic machines rival their diesel counterparts in performance, and the technology is only getting better and smarter.

Speakers: Joel Honeyman, Matt Sagaser

Increased Margins with Equipment Management

Track: Equipment Management & Maintenance      

At the center of a highly complex operation and with control over a construction company’s second largest expense, equipment managers today have opportunities to achieve transformational outcomes. The technologies available to them aid in the complexities of equipment ownership, which impacts so many areas of the business. For the past several years, the equipment management profession has received much attention in the construction tech space, with equipment management technologies opening avenues for growth and savings across field operations, equipment finances and cost control and, ultimately, the overall construction business.

Speaker: Russell Young

2:30 p.m.

Recruiting in Today's Labor Market

Track: Attract, Engage & Retain Talent        

Recruiting, Hiring, Team Building are the biggest issues we face today in the construction industry. In this session we will work on building a successful plan to hire more qualified employees, build stronger teams, and reduce employee turnover.  

Speaker: Eric Faggioli

Heavy Equipment Comparator

Track: Equipment Management & Maintenance      

This session provides initial results from the Heavy Equipment Comparator survey administered to CFMA and AEMP members. Future surveys will be open to non-members. The surveys resulted from a two and a half year project to develop Key Performance Indicators that would be sanctioned and approved as standards by both associations for measuring heavy equipment fleet maintenance performance and costs. Participants will learn the thirty two KPIs and their nine major categories and will have the distinction of viewing the preliminary survey results and findings.

Speakers: Preston Ingalls, Caryl Coronis CPA, CCIFP

The Future of Equipment Management - A Billion Images a Day of Your Assets

Track: Equipment Management & Maintenance      

In June 2021, Rise Above Research, a consulting firm that provides market research for the digital imaging industry, estimated 1.4 trillion photos will be taken this year. Over 90 percent of these photos are predicted to be from a smartphone for social media. What would it mean for the future of heavy equipment inspection if photo capture of assets were taken at a similar scale? In this presentation explore how heavy equipment inspection is being transformed using low cost cameras systems and advanced computer vision.

Speaker: Jonathan Stephens

Wednesday, March 15

9:30 a.m.

Lifting Load Effects on Elevated Structures

Track: Cranes, Rigging & Aerial Lift

Joint presentation to made on load effects impacting elevated structures and decks, bridges, and underground facilities (utilities, vaults, foundations, etc.), including host structure stability and integrity, during lifting (cranes, gantries, etc.) and horizontal movement (SPMT, slide jacking, etc.) activities.

Speakers: NCCCO, SC&RA

Sustainability 101

Track: Equipment Management & Maintenance,Sustainability       

This session will cover how to determine your carbon footprint and why it should be important to your company, and understanding how the operation of heavy construction equipment impacts your companies sustainability.

10:45 a.m.

On The Job With a Concrete Pump/Pump Safety

Track: Concrete         

Achieving a successful pour when using a concrete pump on the job isn’t just happenstance; it requires determined collaboration from the entire ready mixed, concrete pumper and placing team. In this session, we’ll discuss the responsibilities each member of the placing team has that can ensure the most efficient, profitable, and best of all safest placement possible. You’ll learn what to expect and how to prepare when working with a concrete pump and most important, how to identify potential hazards that can lead to an unfortunate, and many times avoidable, accident.

Speaker: Gary Brown

Mobile Elevating Work Platform Supervisor Training

Track: Cranes, Rigging & Aerial Lift

OSHA regulations and ANSI standards required qualified people to perform work tasks.  MEWP operators require training and must be evaluated on an ongoing basis (in writing) as to their continued proficiency as a MEWP operator. Site risk assessment must be performed, proper MEWPs selected, sites prepared for MEWP operations, and continued monitoring and supervision of operators to assure their compliance with safe use planning.

Speaker: Paul Roddis

Learn from the Best in GPS

Track: Earthmoving & Site Development     

In this session featuring facilitated conversation and Q&A, machine control experts will discuss best practices and also potential pitfalls in GPS. Participants will learn about ways to develop and improve the use of GPS systems.

Speaker: Zach Pieper

Thinking Outside the (Trench) Box: Common Mistakes and Unique Solutions to Trench Safety

Track: Earthmoving & Site Development,Safety & Health

Focusing on the National Emphasis Program for Trench Safety, this program will provide a brief review of 1926 Subpart P with highlights on where common errors can be found in the field. It will provide a further understanding of common trench safety systems, including their limitations that are often overlooked, as well as include an overview of other readily available safety solutions for unique digs. This session will help employers and contractors better understand the standards and recommendations addressing the dangers of excavation and trenching, and to highlight ways to protect workers.

Speaker: Monica Rakoczy

Top 10 Use Cases using Advanced Machine Data

Track: Equipment Management & Maintenance, Advanced, Technology Solutions Telematics solutions by definition are intended to deliver valuable business outcomes. Getting maximum value from a solution means tapping into the machine data and leveraging it to change people, processes, and outcomes. In this session, we will explore some of the most common and creative ways to extract value out of connected equipment solutions. We’ll explore real world impacts using customer stories that quantify the outcomes, inspiring game-changing results for business.   

Speaker: David Swan

1:00 p.m.

The Impact of Opportunity

Track: Attract, Engage & Retain Talent        

Attendees will learn the value of mentorship, apprenticeship, and diversity and inclusion can help cure the labor shortage. The session breaks down how leaders and companies can support their employees, create in-house apprenticeship programs, and improve diversity and inclusion outreach efforts.         

Speaker: Jennifer Todd MLS

Building Blocks of an Effective Equipment Budget

Track: Business Best Practices          

A critical aspect in equipment-intensive construction companies is the budgeting of capital expenditures as well as annual equipment hours, owning and operating costs. This session will provide insights into the process, inputs, and workflows to establish accurate and effective budgets. Learn best practices of how Operations, Fleet, and Accounting can collaborate to achieve success in managing, budgeting and tracking your fleet.

Speakers: Kevin Reimert CEM, STSC, Richard King CPA, CGMA, CCIFP

Crane Analytics: The Operator Is Responsible For 99% Of All Accidents. Or Are They?

Track: Cranes, Rigging & Aerial Lift

In this presentation you will learn the latest accident data associated with ASME responsible parties of crane lifts; establishment of the Crane Safety Research Lab to advance the latest technologies, telematics and evaluation of operators and equipment; the next level of emerging gaming technologies for crane operator training to increase operator competency levels

Speaker: Jim Wiethorn P.E.

Improve Fuel Efficiency with Onsite Fuel Storage

Track: Equipment Management & Maintenance      

With the rising cost of fuel, taking control of a job site’s fuel supply is more important than ever. This session will address the benefits of onsite fuel storage and other considerations to help contractors determine the best fuel solution for their operation.

Speaker: Jeff Lowe

2:30 p.m.

Opioids in Construction

Track: Safety & Health         

According to the National Safety Council, approximately 75 percent of all workplaces are affected by opioids. Construction workers and extended families are disproportionately at risk.

Speakers: Cal Beyer CWP, SCTPP, John Gaal CWP, CPS, CHW

How to Track Fleet Emissions in Real Time

Track: Sustainability, Equipment Management & Maintenance      

With over 130 countries targeting net zero emissions by 2050, regulations are inevitable, and contractors will soon be required to estimate, track, and report emissions of every job site and every asset with speed, accuracy, and accountability previously unknown. The ramping up of emissions tracking marks a period of transition for the construction industry and, like any industry in a state of transition, emissions tracking is not simply a new burden to bear, but an opportunity to seize.

Speaker: Oded Ran

Thursday, March16

9:30 a.m.        

Best Practices for Milling and Profiling

Track: Asphalt

More than any other pavement property, a smooth surface is what the traveling public wants. The process starts with the milling or profiling operation to achieve optimum smoothness before paving. Achieving smoothness with the profiling operation puts more bonus dollars into the contractor's pocket.    

Speaker: Tom Chastain

Culture in Construction: Is it Really that Bad?

Track: Attract, Engage & Retain Talent        

This information laden session details findings from the People in Construction research over the past four years. Learn what the best in the business are doing and start doing it. You will also discover the critical gaps that must be addressed if you are to overcome your labor challenges. Rather than telling you there is a labor shortage, this fast-moving session will tell you what you need to do to create a motivated work force that wants to stay and wants to produce.  

Speaker: Wally Adamchik CSP CMC

Crane Accident Prevention and Management - Why Do Crane Accidents Happen? And How Do You Manage This?

Track: Cranes, Rigging & Aerial Lift           

Speaker: Hank Dutton

Marijuana - Navigating State and Federal Regulations

Track: Risk Management,Safety & Health   

Marijuana use is being defined and authorized in a few specific ways and legalized differently from state to state. Listen in as our speaker discusses how your substance policy needs to accommodate federally regulated employees and the rest of your staff the same way.

Speaker: ARTBA

10:45 a.m.

Crane Contracts - Don't lose 100's of Thousands Over One Wrong Word

Track: Cranes, Rigging & Aerial Lift

Listen in as our speaker reviews how one word in your contract/work ticket can negatively impact the settlement of a claims case. (Two case studies)

Speakers: NCCCO Foundation, SC&RA

Earthmoving with Pull Type Scrapers: Maximizing Efficiency and Profits

Track: Earthmoving & Site Development     

We’ll tell the story of how a tool originally pulled by livestock has evolved into the most efficient way to move large amounts of dirt on a surprising variety of jobs. If lower initial equipment investment, significantly reduced labor requirements, and less overall cost per cubic yard of material moved sounds good to you, this is a can’t-miss session.

Speaker: LICA

The Value of a High Performing Equipment Manager

Track: Equipment Management & Maintenance      

What factors go into winning bids to ensures an organization’s long-term profitability? In a highly competitive market, the organizations that invest more authority in their equipment management teams will have the competitive advantage. Your equipment manager can make the difference by significantly reducing costs, properly forecasting and maximizing efficiency of the equipment fleet.

Speakers: Robby Smith, Jeff Bremer MBA CEM

Constructing a Culture of Suicide Prevention

Track: Safety & Health         

Panelists will share their experiences implementing suicide prevention education and initiatives within their companies so that participants can explore their own next steps.

Speakers: Aaron Witt, Dave Lersch MBA, Michelle Walker CCIFP, CRIS, SPHR, Sandy Lender

Improve Efficiency with Haul Truck Customization

Track: Sustainability, Aggregates     

We discuss customized bodies and attachments that allow producers to maximize the efficiency of their off-highway haul trucks. We showcase how customizing a new truck or retrofitting an old one can maximize payload capacity, reduce dump times and down time, eliminate carryback, minimize repair service and maintenance needs, while making the truck more environmentally efficient.

Speaker: Josh Swank

1:00 p.m.

How Grade Control Impacts Earthmoving Productivity

Track: Earthmoving & Site Development     

Machine technology is rapidly growing and evolving throughout the industry, and grade control is no exception. Today you can find grade control on excavators, dozers, graders and even compact track loaders. Hear from product specialists to better understand wha’s available and how applying the right level of technology can help you in your business and alleviate some common pain points.

Speaker: LICA

Fluid Analysis Insights in a Connected World

Track: Equipment Management & Maintenance      

It is a connected world, and connectivity is now more essential to reliability than ever before. Connecting laboratory fluid analysis data with your maintenance management software can set you on the path of improvement in your reliability journey. We will look at how to move beyond individual reports and narrow the focus of maintenance activities that result in improved reliability and availability of your assets.

Speaker: Randy Clark CRL, MLA III, OMA

2:30 p.m.

Welcome Onboard! Now What?

Track: Attract, Engage & Retain Talent        

This session focuses on employee onboarding, and panelists have an unique perspective as a result of the developing profound relationships with companies and professionals. The session details the time and financial cost it takes to find key talent and also successful strategies to integrate new hires into your company, which is critical to retention. This session shares examples of effective onboarding techniques and insights to ensure your onboarding process creates a lasting impression.

Speaker: Charlie Kimmel

Building Your Business with Rental Partners

Track: Business Best Practices          

Sit down for a facilitated conversation with Q&A with rental companies large and small to learn how to take better advantage of the tools rental companies provide for your business.

Speakers: Josh Nickell CEP-MM/SM, Glen Olson MBA, Robert Pedersen, Steve Mau MBA

Maximizing Your Existing Fleet with Attachments

Track: Earthmoving & Site Development     

This session presents the practical use of a variety of attachments on the job site. Panelists will discuss how they build their fleets to maximize their fleets in a cost effective manner.

Speaker: Todd Dohnal

Renewable Diesel: Obtainable, Sustainable, Green

Track: Emerging Technology, Sustainability, Equipment Management & Maintenance

Renewable diesel (RD) is an emerging fuel that is chemically and structurally almost identical to conventional petroleum diesel fuel. This session will dive into the technical specifications, manufacturing process, availability, emission benefits, and regulations governing it use. Learn how the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts have used over one million gallons of this renewable and sustainable fuel in its fleet of heavy equipment over the past four years and discover why this alternative fuel should be on every equipment manager’s radar.

Speaker: Dave Bolderoff CEM

The Digital Revolution for Our Productivity Crisis

Track: Equipment Management & Maintenance, Emerging Technology, Technology Solutions

The digital age has benefitted almost every industry in the global economy by boosting productivity, except construction. Equipment downtime is a major contributor to this productivity crisis, with contractors reporting that three to five hours a day are spent on manual, repetitive communications tasks. Construction can usher in its own digital revolution that will transform fleet management and maintenance.

Speaker: Luke Powers

Friday, March 17

9:30 a.m.

Undercarriage Management

Track: Equipment Management & Maintenance

Speaker: AEMP

Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets with Vision Systems on the Job Site

Track: Technology Solutions

John Deere will help facilitate how vision systems will improve jobsite awareness. This session will bring a customer’s perspective of top job site needs, discuss how OEMs are providing solutions to improve safety, and finally explore other camera technologies

Protect the Jewels - The Secrets to a Well Managed Tire Program

Track: Equipment Management & Maintenance      

This session will both cover the construction and application, optimizing tire performance, tracking and program management and maintenance and service.

Speaker: Craig Tinklenberg

10:45 a.m.      

Grade Control Interoperability: Transforming Your Mixed Fleet

Track: Technology Solutions

With the introduction of a new ISO standard (ISO15143-4) for interoperability, new solutions leveraging common data formats and server-to-server communication between vendors will soon be a reality. This step change in interoperability will transform your mixed fleet jobsites, enabling you to be more productive and efficient with your grade control technology. A panel of working group experts, including equipment OEMs, Site Management System providers, and Grade Control solution providers will discuss what the standard will mean for you and your grading operations.

Speaker: Sara Feuling P.E.

1:00 p.m.        

Compact Machine Control to Standardize Precision

Track: Technology Solutions

As machine control continues to evolve on today's job sites, the latest frontier is compact equipment. Mini excavators, compact and track loaders are now able to be controlled more precisely, allowing you to take on more complex jobs. To stay competitive on your next job site, learn how these solutions can give you the advantages of quickly measuring existing site conditions, designing, executing and verifying for confidence.

Speaker: Mark Jones

Understanding EV Charging Infrastructure

Track: Technology Solutions, Sustainability, Emerging Technology          

Electric pickups are here and a wave of new electrified equipment is on our doorstep. Learn everything you need to know about the required infrastructure to charge electric vehicles and equipment.

Speaker: AEMP

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