Doosan DX420LC-5, 490LC-5, 530LC-5 Excavators

November 18, 2014

The DX420LC-5, DX490LC-5 and DX530LC-5 Tier 4-Final excavators replace the T4-I Dash 3 versions. The engines use high-pressure common-rail fuel delivery systems with cooled EGR, DOC, and SCR aftertreatment, which requires diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). A mass airflow sensor helps manage airflow from the variable geometry turbocharger and optimize fuel delivery to the combustion chamber based on engine air intake volume and rpm, resulting in improved fuel efficiency. An auto-shutdown feature will shut down the engine when the preset idle time is met.

A new selectable feature, Smart Power Control (SPC), consists of two systems—Variable Speed Control and Pump Torque Control—that work together to improve machine efficiency while maintaining productivity and reducing fuel consumption, the company says. The engine control unit (ECU) automatically manages SPC when SPC is engaged. Each of the four power modes will function with SPC engaged or disengaged; however, SPC can only be active in the digging work mode. Doosan excavators come with a standard three-year subscription to Doosan Telematics.