Doosan DX300LL-3 Excavator

December 19, 2013

Equipped for log-loading applications, the DX300LL-3 has a fully guarded, heavy-duty undercarriage and upper structure. Its high-walker car body has an overall width of 11 feet 10 inches and ground clearance of 31 inches. Tracks feature heavy-duty links with 28-inch double grouser shoes and full-length track guiding guards. Heavy-duty top rollers come with special clean-out brackets in place of standard carrier rollers, and final drive motors are protected by guarding. Operating weight is 80,910 pounds and includes the factory-installed log-loading front with live heel. Maximum loading reach is 38 feet 3 inches, and lift capacity at ground level over the front at 20 feet is 28,540 pounds. Power is supplied by a 213 horsepower Doosan diesel that meets Tier 4-I regulations.