Doosan DX300LC-5, DX350LC-5 Excavators

August 26, 2014

Tier-4-compliant DX300LC-5 and DX350LC-5 hydraulic excavators, respectively, weigh in at 68,764 and 80,654 pounds, have maximum digging depths of 23.92 and 24.67 feet, and use Scania engines rated at 271 and 318 horsepower. Engines employ a high-pressure/common-rail fuel system, variable-geometry turbocharging, exhaust gas recirculation, diesel oxidation catalyst, and selective catalytic reduction to control emissions. In addition, an exhaust brake assists in maintaining emissions control and overall operating efficiency by maintaining consistent engine temperatures at lower speeds. At higher engine speeds and normal operating temperatures, the exhaust brake deactivates.

The new models feature four power modes and four work modes (digging, breaker, shear, and lifting), allowing operators, says Dooosan, to adjust machine performance to the application and to balance performance with fuel consumption. In the cab, a new 7-inch LCD screen allows the operator to monitor operating parameters, while also viewing images from the rear-view and/or the optional side-view camera; split-screen capability allows both images to display simultaneously.

Further enhancements, says Doosan, include an auto-shutdown feature that conserves fuel by stopping the engine after a pre-set idling interval, automatic belt tensioner, anti-skid plates on walking surfaces, battery and alternator upgrades, easily accessible emergency stop, enhanced controls positioning, and serviceability improvements. Options include special application cab guarding, hydraulic piping for a rotate circuit, two-way auxiliary-hydraulic pedal, and a straight-travel pedal.

Both new models include a standard three-year subscription to the Doosan telematics system, which allows monitoring (via a website account) machine location, hours, fuel usage, engine idle versus work time, error codes, and engine and hydraulic temperatures. Doosan makes the point, also, that the telematics system further assists machine owners by allowing dealers to respond to machine warning messages with timely problem diagnose and repair plans.

Doosan Excavator Specifications


  • Engine: Scania
  • Power: 271 horsepower
  • Operating weight: 68,764 pounds
  • Max. digging depth: 23 feet 11 inches
  • Max. loading height: 23 feet 10 inches
  • Bucket digging force: 44,092 lb.-ft.
  • Arm digging force: 30,644 lb.-ft.


  • Engine: Scania
  • Power: 318 horsepower
  • Operating weight: 80,654 pounds
  • Max. digging depth: 36 feet
  • Max. loading height: 23 feet 6 inches
  • Bucket digging force: 57,100 lb.-ft.
  • Arm digging force: 41,667 lb.-ft.