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Doosan DX225MH-3, SC300MH-5, DX210WMH Material Handlers

Purpose-built material handler line includes two track models and one wheeled

April 10, 2014

Purpose-built material handler line includes two track models and one wheeled: DX225MH-3, DX300MH-5, and DX210WMH. Built on Doosan excavator bases, the units are factory fitted with cab risers, straight boom, and droop nose arm. Standard fixed risers for the DX225MH-3 are 4 feet, and 6 feet for the larger DX300MH-5. Four power modes are available for the track units: Power+ mode, Power, Standard, and Economy. The DX210WMH wheeled versioni has three modes: Power, Standard and Economy. The track units also have a lifting work mode that increases pump torque, lowers engine rpm, and has an automatic power boost. Telematics is standard with a three-year subscription.

Doosan Material Handler Specifications


  • Engine: 170 horsepower, Tier 3 compliant
  • Operating weight: 58,202 pounds
  • Swing torque: 60,786 lb.-ft.
  • Drawbar pull: 26,742 lb.-ft.
  • Max loading reach: 35 feet 9 inches
  • Max loading height: 39 feet 8 inches
  • Solid tires: Optional


  • Engine: 166 horsepower, Tier 4-I compliant
  • Operating weight: 60,848 pounds
  • Swing torque: 60,757 lb.-ft.
  • Drawbar pull: 60,715 lb.-ft.
  • Max loading reach: 35 feet 5 inches
  • Max loading height: 40 feet


  • Engine: 271 horsepower, Tier 4 compliant
  • Operating weight: 79,366 pounds
  • Swing torque: 87,787 lb.-ft.
  • Drawbar pull: 83,258 lb.-ft.
  • Max loading reach: 42 feet 8 inches
  • Max loading height: 46 feet 3 inches

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