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Ditch Witch Launches Telematics Tool


Directional Boring Equipment

A horizontal directional drill and operator
Ditch Witch is launching a telematics system to aid fleet management.

Ditch Witch has launched the Orange Intel Fleet Management System to enable contractors to centralize fleet and machine information, maintenance indicators, and other data.

The system delivers telematics data and insights into Ditch Witch equipment, keeping contractors up to date on machine performance, location, and security.

To maximize job site profitability and machine effectiveness, the system keeps a detailed history of machine intelligence and overall fleet performance, so contractors can better plan for future workloads and estimate hours for new jobs, the company says.

More telematics use

“Today’s contractors are becoming more and more technical, with data and machine insights used in everyday situations,” said Tyler Schwandt, Ditch Witch product manager for parts and telematics. “With Orange Intel, contractors can monitor their fleet’s performance and job site history to improve overall business profitability and effectiveness on and off the job site. Data is available 24/7 via any mobile device to help underground construction contractors work smarter and gain valuable machine insights anytime, anywhere.”

Telematics for maintenance

The Orange Intel application also gives contractors the ability to monitor and create maintenance plans. Operators have the power to track individual machine indicators, including working and idle hours, which enables them to schedule routine maintenance. The technical data provided in each machine can illuminate potential problems before they occur, such as keeping an eye on fuel and DEF levels, battery performance, and other systems.

Geofencing through telematics

Contractors can also utilize the system to keep their equipment safe and protected. With the ability to insert GPS-based, geofencing options, contractors can digitally construct a “fence” around their shop yards or job sites to track equipment movement and locate a lost or stolen machine. The notifications are then sent directly to contractors’ desktops or mobile devices to keep them updated on fleet and crew status during all hours and in various locations.

Underground equipment manufacturer Ditch Witch was purchased by Toro in 2019, and the combined business unit has consolidated key product offerings such as trenchers.

Source: Ditch Witch

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