Ditch Witch

September 28, 2010

Ditch Witch HT300 rock trencherA 300-horsepower rock trencher is the newest addition to the Ditch Witch family of underground construction equipment. Equipped with trencher stabilizers which automatically adjust with terrain changes to isolate vibration, the steel-tracked Ditch Witch HT300 is capable of trenching up to 10 feet at a width of 36 inches in rock-laden sites. An exclusive flywheel gearbox delivers maximum power to the trenching attachment on demand with minimal shock to the hydraulic system, and a patented bit block digging system allows the operator to customize the digging tooth pattern to fit the application. As soil conditions change, the HT300’s cruise-control system automatically adjusts the ground speed of the machine, which comes standard-equipped with a fully-enclosed cab featuring climate control.