Genie S-45

Sept. 28, 2010
The jib can be folded back to reduce the maximum stowed length.

Backed by one of the leading support organizations in the industry, the jib-equipped S-45 telescopic boom lift from Genie Industries is one of two telescopic boom lifts in this class offered by the Redmond, Wash.-based manufacturer. Both the S-45, which was shown at the Boom Lift Showcase, and the S-40 feature two-section hydraulic booms. The S-45's jib adds an extra 5 feet of reach and 139 degrees of vertical movement. The jib can be folded back to reduce the maximum stowed length to less than 22 feet 6 inches. A Helac rotation actuator provides 160 degrees of platform rotation.

Sauer-Danfoss provides the ALC 500 microprocessor control system. It works in conjunction with all aspects of the machine's functionality and safety systems, and it also features self-diagnostics. Hall-effect joysticks are employed for all proportional controls. The level sensor will limit boom functions when the machine is more than 4.5 degrees out of level.

The oscillating axle is unique to Genie in that it is allowed to float all the time. The tires track the terrain even when the boom is fully extended. The drive is an efficient closed-loop Sauer-Danfoss-supplied hydrostatic system. For hotter environments, an oil cooler is provided as standard equipment. The closed-loop hydrostatic drive system, coupled with two-speed hydraulic wheel motors, makes the S-45 both quick and powerful. Even with a fast 4.5-mph travel speed, there is still plenty of power for even the most demanding rough-terrain applications.

In addition to the useful color-coded, directional-orientation decals, there is also a “drive-enable” safety feature, which cuts out drive when the superstructure has rotated more than 90 degrees to either side of the centerline of rotation. The operator is then prompted to press a button on the upper control box that overrides the cutout to continue to drive. All pins are Teflon-impregnated and ride on fiber glide bushings. The main rotation bearing is the only lubrication point.

The S-45's optional 8-foot steel platform features three entry points. All platforms incorporate a removable grated floor, which can be taken out by loosening a handful of bolts. This allows for easier cleaning and replacement. The power track is a combination of steel and aluminum and is designed to allow for easy inspection and repair, while at the same time providing adequate protection from falling debris. Should the single hydraulic crowd cylinder need to be repaired, it can be easily removed out the rear of the boom tube without any boom-tube disassembly.

The engine and all major components are shielded under large securable fiberglass cowlings. Oil and fuel fill points are both located on the same side. Drop one bolt, and the side-mounted engine swings out for service. The S-45 at the Showcase featured a 49-horsepower Deutz oil-cooled engine, but a 51-horsepower Perkins diesel or a 75-horsepower Ford gas is also available.

Genie offers a series of platform options, including generators and welders. The S-45 demonstrated at the Showcase was equipped with an optional pipe-cradle and a panel cradle attachment. It also featured a laser package, which helps in precisely positioning the platform when raising the load into position.

The S-45 was a natural extension of the popular S-40, a feature-packed quality product. Both units are backed by one of the leading product support organizations in the business.