Power Trowels, Ride-On

Allen Engineering HDX780 Ride-on Trowel

The HDX780 ride-on trowel is powered by a 50-horsepower Hatz 4H50TIC Tier 4-F diesel engine. It has twin, 60-inch rotors with five bladed spiders that can attain speeds up to ...

Power Trowels, Ride-On

Allen Engineering HDX600 Riding Trowel

Allen HDX600 ride-on concrete finishing trowel is an 8-foot ride-on trowel powered by a 50-horsepower Hatz diesel. The Hydra-Drive Extreme trowel is hydraulically controlled with...
Power Trowels, Ride-On

Allen Engineering MXP475 Riding Trowel

The Allen MSP475 8-foot ride-on trowel has a 57-horsepower Kubota gasoline engine with 12-gallon fuel capacity. It has twin 46-inch rotors with five-bladed spiders.A bilingual...
Power Trowels, Ride-On

Allen Engineering HDX605 Ride-on Trowel

The HDX605 hydraulically controlled, ride-on trowel is powered by a 57-horsepower Kubota gasoline engine. The trowel is single- or dual-pitch capable. Two 46-inch rotors have ...
Power Trowels, Ride-On

Allen MP245 Mechanical Pro Riding Trowel

The MP245 riding power trowel is the company’s most compact, hydraulic-power-steering unit, designed to incorporate the ergonomic features of its larger counterparts. The compact...
Allen HP205-trowel

Allen HP205 Power Trowel

Jan. 11, 2017
The HP205 ride-on power trowel has twin Kohler ECH980 EFI gasoline engines that provide 37 horsepower, and torque-converter clutches produce low-speed torque for float panning...
Allen HDX760 Trowel

Allen HDX760 Riding Trowel

The 74-horsepower HDX760 ride-on power trowel has software to control operation of the engine and hydraulics system. The “Itelli-Power” system is a combination of the Bosch-Rexroth...
Power Trowels, Ride-On

Allen Engineering HP105 Riding Trowel Features Twin EFI Kohler Engines

The HP105 riding trowel is a twin-engine unit delivering 53 horsepower.Utilizing a torque converter clutch, it provides low speed torque for low speed oat panning and high rotor...
1-Wacker Neuson_CRT60-74L_Ride-onTrowel
Power Trowels, Ride-On

Wacker Neuson Updated CRT60-74L Ride-On Trowel

The company has upgraded its 10-foot hydraulic ride-on trowel with a more powerful Tier 4-Final engine and a heavy-duty hydraulic cooling system.Contactors can use this trowel...