Noregon Jpro
Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Diagnostic App Moves to Off-Highway

March 23, 2023
Noregon updated its diagnostic and troubleshooting application, JPRO Professional, with significant increase in coverage for off-highway construction vehicles and equipment.“We...
Serious Labs UMB VR simulator
Construction Technology & Software

Serious Labs VR Simulators

March 12, 2020
Serious Labs, a company that develops virtual reality (VR) solutions for training and operation of heavy equipment, has a new Universal Motion Base (UMB) for seated VR heavy equipment...
JD Power Telematics

John Deere MTG 4G LTE Hardware

March 14, 2017
John Deere Electronic Solutions has introduced the latest update to its telematics family of products, the Modular Telematics Gateway 4G (MTG 4G LTE). According to the company...

Topcon ZPS Concrete Paving System

The ZPS automated concrete paving ZPS system features the new Z-Robot and Z-Stack sensor. The Z-Robot is an advanced robotic total station with integrated Z-beam laser technology...
Trimble Earthworks for Dozers web

Trimble Earthworks Grade Control

March 8, 2017
Trimble Earthworks for Excavators and Earthworks for Dozers offer integrated 3D aftermarket automatics capability for excavators, and a new dozer configuration moves the receivers...

Topcon SmoothRide Vehicle-mounted Resurfacing System for Paving, Milling

The SmoothRide vehicle-mounted resurfacing system for paving and milling projects uses a combination of the company’s core technologies, designed to deliver a smooth surface while...